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ZENDCRYPTO Capital is the leading blockchain investment firm and one of the largest institutional owners of cryptocurrencies. Our mission is to act as the catalyst for widespread blockchain adoption and innovation.
Exclusively focused on investing in blockchain technologies, the ZENDCRYPTO team is experienced in both traditional finance and emergent blockchain technology. Having strong relationships with some of the most promising entrepreneurs and other top investors in the space, ZENDCRYPTO is fulfilling its strategic investment philosophy by building a diversified portfolio and bringing industry-specific value-add resources to its portfolio companies.
Within the next several years, we envision blockchains and digital currencies having an established, responsibly managed, and regulated role in the global economy, soon after disintermediating a myriad of industries.

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ZENDCRYPTO is managed by veteran traders who have been working in wall street for more than 10 years.

10 Million dollar insurance fund is prepared which is able to fully cover force majeure losses in the turbulent market.

All the data and fund are protected by powerful DDos-guard system,2FA system and EV SSL Geo trust security protocol.

Our investment offers contribute towards capacity building for implementation of even the most ambitious plans. .
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